MojoPac: PC on a stick (or an iPod)

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Many have attempted to create a virtual mobile PC, but this is the first time I've seen one that works. MojoPac lets you install PC apps onto damn near any mobile drive, plug it into a host machine running Windows XP and run your desktop as an overlay. I saw it working from an iPod and several kinds of external HDs, but the client footprint is small enough that you could even put it on a cellphone. Along with running the basic Office suite, you can install games and even Skype, all of it using the connectivity of the underlying PC. A menu bar across the top of the screen lets you switch between desktops with a click.

MojoPac was supposed to be under wraps until DEMO next week. But one of the 2,000 beta testers bragged about it, and then an investor blabbed about it, and that's why we're able to give you the exclusive lowdown on pricing: $29.99 for the next 30 days and $49.99 after that. It's still in private beta until Monday. More screenshots and details coming soon.

MojoPac [Product Page]