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Monaco Sidekick 3 Dock: A Little Bit Convenient, A Little Bit Lame

Illustration for article titled Monaco Sidekick 3 Dock: A Little Bit Convenient, A Little Bit Lame

The Monaco Sidekick 3 cradle is convenient because it will charge your SK3 and an extra battery without fumbling with cables, but it is also a little lame because that is all the Monaco dock really does. Sure it includes a USB port to transfer files to your PC, but most syncing with the SK3 is done wireless via T-Mobile's website so the USB cable isn't as useful as thought. The HipTop3 folks like the dock because it holds the SK3 vertically, therefore eliminating the horrible task for having to pick up your phone to see the IM, SMS or call. At least it is a cheap: $20.


Monaco Sidekick 3 Cradle [Hiptop3]

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Hmmm, a bit of misinformation, let me see if I can sort it all out.

Although some data does sync, specifically the PIM information such as tasks, contacts and calendar events, none of the large media syncs. MP3s, Audio files, and other files all need to be placed on the sd card via a USB connection to the phone or through a separate reader.

USB 1.1 is all the phone supports, this is no fault of this dock. While it is slow, for minor tasks, like copying photos, it is faster to through in a dock than to open up the phone, remove the card, throw it in an adapter and then a 2.0 reader to access those photos.

The biggest draw is the ability to charge two batteries at once, and to hold your phone at a proper viewing angle on your desk.

All said, it seems to be a handy device for Sidekick/Hiptop die-hards, especially those with an extra battery, and will find a place on my desk.