Yesterday on Gizmodo we brought you a pretty esoteric bunch of stuff. From seven-and-a-half-tonne bridges made of cardboard to fake iPhones, Samsung cameras, Harry Rotter T-shirts and how to frack like a Terminator, if you missed out on any of these stories first time around, check 'em out now.

• The ending to Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows is revealed on a T-shirt.
• Microsoft Local vs Google Streetview's cars: FIGHT! (plus Google's VR camera gear).
• Hard metal porn with two Terminators doing it in almost every possible way.


• Chinese iPhone wannabe doesn't get the Giz thumbs-up.
• Panasonic unveiled the world's smallest full-HD camcorder, out in September.
• Mr Lee: a cat with a camera and a talent.
• Sony puts the blue into Blu-ray with its porn announcement.
• Ford announced an in-car system that you can tell what to do.
• For fans of the tiny, here's the world's smallest single-chip camera.
Fujitsu's monster laptop is now shipping Stateside.
• Hands-on with Philips' Norelco arcitec 1090 razor.
• Does Intel's advertising for its Core 2 Duo make you feel a bit sick?
• Three of Samsung's Smart-Touch NV cameras are out on the streets.
Arcade booth in Japan with an actual Tofu car.
A cardboard bridge goes up over the River Gardon in France.