Monsoon's HD Hava Gold Turns LAN'd PCs into DVRs

Illustration for article titled Monsoons HD Hava Gold Turns LANd PCs into DVRs

Slingmedia's closest competitor upped the stakes this morning with a new budget player that, while not wireless, beats the cheapest Slingbox by $50. The Hava Gold HD ($129) turns any PC on your network into a PVR with the ability to stream and record video regardless of whether your PC is wired or wireless. The catch is, the Hava box itself isn't wireless. It needs to be hard wired to both your cable box and your network. Otherwise it supports HD sources (720p and 1080i) via its component connections. Is it a Slingbox killer? Not close, but it is nice to see prices dip further south.


Product Page [via CrunchGear]

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Via component connections? Not in that picture.