Monster Cable's HDMI Cable for Life program guarantees that the cable will meet or exceed all HDMI performance requirements for life or they'll swap them. (And estimates that cables bought next month will be good for 3-5 years, until 4K and true 60 frame per second progressive signals become prevalent.) If only someone had made us this offer for our VCR's Coax cables we woudn't have had to upgrade to high end coax cables again and again!

As our tests showed, Monster's cables are better than cheapo cables for long distances or so-far imaginary signals requiring more bandwidth over 1080p. And this guarantee makes them better. But an honest alternative is getting a cheap cable today, and upgrading to another cheap cable when that one poops out.


The cables go for about $99 a meter, and come in flavors of "Home Theater Ultra 1000, M
Series M1000HD and Monster Cable 1000HD" [Electronic House]

Monster Announces "Cable For LifeTM" Upgrade Program on Select HDMI® Cables Performance Guarantee Protects Against Changing Performance Standards

New York, August 3, 2007 — Monster, the world's leading manufacturer of high-end
cables, accessories and power-conditioning products, has just announced that it will offer
a new "Cable for Life" upgrade program on select upcoming Monster® Advanced HDMI®
cables, including the new Monster Cable 1000HD.

These cables will be shipping in mid September. If a cable, offered with the Cable For
Life program, ever fails to support a component incorporating future generations of
HDMI, Monster will replace the cable at no charge (for complete details, please visit

Cables developed in the past are adequate for today's technology, but not tomorrow's.
Even Monster's current cables are good for TrueHD and 1080p, but not for future120 Hz
displays. They will not meet the needs of tomorrow. But Monster's new cables are
designed for "Higher Definition—full HD and beyond."

"Monster is proud to announce the "Cable for Life" Program," said Noel Lee, The Head
Monster. "Monster Cable is the only company to offer an HDMI performance guarantee
of this kind, so your customers have total confidence in their HDMI cable purchase and
maximize the performance of their HD components now and in the future."

"HDMI cable connectivity standards have evolved to meet ever-changing improvements
in source and display technology," continued Lee. "Monster has designed the most
advanced HDMI cables to meet and exceed these standards, but also certifies the
performance of select HDMI cables for future generations of products."

The "Cable for Life" upgrade program is available for the Home Theater Ultra 1000, M
Series M1000HD and Monster Cable 1000HD cables. Monster estimates that these cables