More images of the new Lego modular Detective's Office

Over the weekend, we posted the box front of the 2,262 piece Detective's Office (10246), the next modular building that launches in early 2015. Thanks to the forum on PockyLand we now have some decent images of the back of the box that shows the interior detail.

It looks like this set will not be without stickers, as the barber shop will have a mirror for the patrons. The office of the private detective houses a hidden safe which you can see the mechanism for on the front of the box image. There is also a really awesome ceiling fan that uses the snow shoe elements in brown over the pool table.


This is looking to be one of the best modular sets yet! I absolutely love the four distinctly different buildings and decor in just one package. It is going to be a great addition to the modular street and because of the diversity in elements, a wonderful set to pick up multiples of.


The box front for reference.


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