More on Amazon's Music Service

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The world was a-flutter a few weeks back about Amazon's music service and now we have some proof that it will be available very soon. In short, Amazon is creating a music store and branded MP3 players aka iPod-killer (*snort*). This is all very potential and unconfirmed, but let's give our source the benefit of the doubt.

Amazon is taking a four-pronged approach to this:

1. Desktop app/web app for full music downloads, album and a la carte.

2. Rhapsody-style subscritpion service using Janus (??) DRM.

3. 20% off physical CDs for service subscribers.

4. WMV downloads of CDs until the physical CD arrives for non-subscribers.


They will also offer pre-loaded devices full of specific content. Amazon has a lot of muscle in the CD space, but oh-so-very-little in the digital music world. This plan, however, seems like a good one. What thinks ye?