More Possibly Fake Google Phone Rumors

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Check out this supposed Google Phone render by way of the mobile burn forums. Apparently screenshotted from a survey site, the "Google Phone" will be manufacturered by Samsung, and have the standard desktop Google apps—search, Gmail, Maps, Blogger, etc. Not only that, this phone will be available for a "internet monthly flat fee" and a 3-month discount.

Ignoring the questionable and atrocious grammar (who are we to be nitpicking grammar?) in the marketing mockup, nobody's actually seen this render for a Samsung phone before. At least the specs of 3G, Wi-Fi, 2-megapixel camera, and a sliding QWERTY keyboard aren't too far out of bounds. Still, color us skeptical.

Possible Google Phone? [Mobile Burn]

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If this is real, Google needs to fire whichever firm wrote the copy for the survey, tar and feather them, and drop them on the steps of 4th grade English class... I seriously doubt a company with this much at stake would tolerate writing that horrible, especially at this early stage.

I'm calling BS. (But I'm still buying one when it comes out.)