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Moshi Alarm Clock Will Only Shut Off If You Ask It Nicely

Illustration for article titled Moshi Alarm Clock Will Only Shut Off If You Ask It Nicely

The Moshi IVR clock is one of those rare, heartwarming products that serves two marginalized demographics: the blind and the chronically rude. For blind folks the benefit is obvious, as all of the clock's major functions are controlled with simple verbal commands. This includes alarm deactivation, but not necessarily how you'd expect. "Gggugugughghghhhhh" or "SHUT UP" won't do the trick — you've got to greet Moshi to initiate voice commands, then politely ask it— uhh, her — to turn off the alarm. Sort of like if you're talking to a human, assuming that human hovers by your bed and plays a plastic recorder into your ear every morning at 7:30am. As a product, the Moshi is pretty focused. There's no radio or MP3 support, and the alarm and voice command options are limited and unchangeable, though there is a pleasant "Sleep Sound" ambient noise function. The concept of an alarm clock that requires an ongoing, if simple, conversation to function properly is enough to justify its reasonable $50 price, and endorsement by the World Blind Union would seem to indicate that it's not a complete gimmick. Feature demos and purchase page are at the source link. [Moshi via Crave]


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"...if that human hovered by your bed and played a plastic recorder into you ear every morning at 7:30am."

Make that 6:30am and you're talking about my kids.

Well, if this alarm clock ignores your pleas for silence too, that is....