Mossberg's Other Half Tries Sansa Connect, Declares iPod "Old-fashioned"

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You know the Apocalypse is near when you read Walt's buddy Katherine Boehret saying this in today's The Mossberg Solution column:

I really liked the Sansa Connect. It forced me to look at my portable player as an evolving, untethered device that introduced me to lots of songs [...] My iPod suddenly seemed old-fashioned.


Sure, she doesn't like the idea of subscriptions, the need for Wi-Fi for some functions or the fact that the Yahoo! Music Store only has two million songs versus five million in iTunes (come on Katie! I mean, how many versions of Elton John's Goodbye England's Rose do you want?) But overall, she seems to really dig the Sansa Connect for design, functionality, the neat Wi-Fi implementation and a good battery life. But maybe there is more than meets the eye in this review, right after the jump.


OK, let's see: Again and again Mossberg has been trashing iPod wannabes like the Zune with quite a bit of reasons.

This comes weeks after other reviews, and so far the most authoritative piece on the Sansa comes from Pogue, who is the only guy who tested it enough to realize, hey, even though there are 2 million songs in the catalog, you're actually limited to far fewer.

An iPod Rival With an Edge [Wall Street Journal Online]

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The great thing about the ipod is it's connector. Seriously. The iopd now has such a massive range of accessories and add-ons.. its worth getting one for those alone.

Try finding much of anything for any other player and you'll be disappointed. And all the other makers (sony, panasonic) are trying to make their own connectors, but they keep changing their minds.

Still... i think the IDEAS of the sansa connect are great.. but i don't get how it would work in practice... where am i supposed to find enough free wi-fi to use the thing?

Or am i supposed to pay $3 a day for wifi hotspot access, plus $xx a month to download tracks?? I'd rather download them at home and pay only once..