Perhaps you came here looking for the story of the guy who lived off pizza for an entire year. Or maybe you were more interested in the harrowing tale of the teen who banged a Hot Pocket. If so, you're in the wrong place. You will, however, find some beautiful wonders from the worlds of art, design, and more within. Just no weird pizza sex.

These glowing sea sapphire animals are like the fireflies of the ocean

Beautiful. You see them glow blue one second and then they turn invisible the next. You're never sure if these Sapphirina copepods are real until you see them light up like a stunning firefly but for the ocean. And then they disappear just quick enough to make you question what you just saw.

The 90-Year Evolution of the Warner Bros. Logo

If you watch a lot of (older) movies you'll notice that studio logos are generally quite consistent. The spinning globe of Universal, the Paramount mountain, the Warner Bros. shield, they're all refined over time, but the basic premise has remained the same for decades.

The Moon sets behind Earth as a storm of light roars in Australia

Koichi Wakata—a Japanese astronaut now on board the International Space Station—just shared this incredible photo of the "Moon setting on the blue Earth atmosphere." He just snapped these two awesome shots of auroras over Australia.

New Zealand is a magical land with or without elves

Shawn Reeder made this impressive time-lapse of New Zealand after he decided to leave his home to become a film maker travelling around the world. His first stop was the country he always wanted to travel to "for as long as [he] can remember." Looking at this video, it was a good decision.

What the Secret Symbols in Victorian Architecture Really Mean

San Francisco's iconic Victorian style homes, such as the Painted Ladies of Full House fame, weren't built merely as protection against the elements. Like 19th century Klout Scores, these houses were just as much status symbols as they were domiciles. But what do their ornate facades actually mean? 7x7's Mary Jo Bowling explains.

This video shows how Japan is a mystical world set in modern times

This video, shot and made by Scott Gold, plays like a dream. It depicts Scott and his wife's trip to Japan in January but to me, it shows how Japan is maintaining its illustrious history and mystical culture amidst the fast paced, beep beep, every person cross the intersection right now modern world.

The Simple Metal Mechanism That Changed the Global Economy Forever

Have you ever heard of a twistlock? Unless you're a stevedore, probably not. Yet this little mechanism is what makes it possible to stack shipping containers onto cargo ships larger than city blocks—enabling a global trade network that brought most of your belongings to your doorstep. And we have a relatively little-known Californian mechanical engineer to thank for it.

This Abandoned NYC Prison Is Being Turned Into a Huge Film Lot

Just a few years ago, the Arthur Kill Correctional Facility housed a thousand or so inmates. But in a few months, this Staten Island prison will be home to one of the largest movie studio in the country outside of the West Coast.

Beautiful time-lapse of The Boneyard, the airplane cemetery in Arizona

Impressive time-lapse video of The Boneyard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, 2,600 acres of desolate desert where 5,000 military airplanes went to die. It makes me sad to look at them, but their decay is truly beautiful.

I wish stars really left these mesmerizing star trails in the night sky

It's not fair. Time lapses and fancy cameras get these fantastic images of star trails that paint a starry night onto the sky and yet when we look up, we see nothing. Even when the stars are glistening, we don't get to see the mesmerizing hook of its trail spinning around us. Wouldn't it be awesome if night looked like this?

Incredible Concept Art From The Most Amazing Sci-Fi Movie Never Made

Before we get into the concept art here, you've gotta watch the trailer for Jodorowsky's Dune, a new documentary chronicling the eponymous Chilean director's crazy-ambitious attempt to bring Frank Herbert's sci-fi classic to the big screen in the 1970s.

Tour the Opulent, Evacuated McMansions of Ukraine's Fallen Leaders

Earlier this week, surreal images emerged of Ukrainian protesters storming the palace of President Viktor Yanukovych, who fled the capital city after violent unrest. Now, protesters have made their way into another mansion, the home of attorney general Victor P. Pshonka. No ostriches, as were found on Yanukovych's estate, but there are Fabergé eggs!