Motorcyclist Clotheslined 25-Feet In the Air, Falls Hard

A circus performance at the The Dow Event Center ended abruptly when a motorcycle jump went horribly wrong and the rider hit a wire at the apex of his jump.


Motorcycle rider Josh Headford suffered a broken leg, wrist, elbow, and shoulder after falling 25 feet to the ground after hitting the wire. Headford told the AP, "As soon as I saw the cable, it caught my bike and I went flying. That was pretty much it. It was like hitting a brick wall. I thought I was done — but I'm not."

Josh says he'll ride again. Hats off to you crazy circus motorcyclist. (Chicago Tribune via Reddit)

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The tone of the ringmaster before/during/after the accident was strangely the same. I mean, he was calling for doctors in the audience in a game show voice. It was weird.