Motorola Droid Pro: It's Like a BlackBerry Impregnated by Android

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The Motorola Droid Pro on Verizon isn't what we expected: It's a like a Motorola Droid, but with a BlackBerry keyboard bolted on the bottom. Or like a BlackBerry Torch that's permanently stuck open, running Android. Take your pick. Weird.

The Droid Pro's running Android 2.2, and it's a world phone, so it's definitely aimed at the dissatisfied BlackBerry user looking to make a switch. More on it as we get it.


Update: Okay, official specs from Verizon: 3.1-inch screen, 1GHz processor, 4GB memory, 5MP camera (but only "DVD quality" video, 3G hotspot powers, DLNA compatibility. For the suits, it's got QuickOffice pre-loaded for Office docs, remote wipe and AuthenTec IPSec multi-headed VPN integration, with device and SD card encryption coming early next year.


No pricing data yet, but $200 sounds like an even bet. [BGR]