Motorola Fixing Sidekick Slide, Hope to Have it in Stores Next Week (UPDATED, With Official T-Mobile Statement)

As suspected, Motorola has identified an issue with the battery contacts as the source of the problem on the Sidekick Slide and are currently testing an updated model. T-Mobile and Motorola hope to have the Slide back in stores next week.

UPDATED T-Mobile USA Statement on Sidekick Slide Motorola has determined that the intermittent power cycling on some T-Mobile Sidekick Slide devices was caused by a minor issue relating to the battery contacts. Motorola also has identified and tested a solution which it will implement for existing devices, and incorporate into newly manufactured ones. T-Mobile expects to begin offering the Sidekick Slide again beginning next week. If a customer has a Sidekick Slide that is experiencing the intermittent power cycle issue, they may contact T-Mobile Customer Care or go to a T-Mobile retail store for assistance and to discuss available options.


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