Motorola Q Downloadable Updates: Adds Cell Modem, Maybe Fixes Crashes?

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Motorola is finally attempting a cure for its balky Motorola Q's crashtastic performance issues, offering firmware and software updates for download. Unfortunately if you want to update your Q, all the content you've loaded onto it will be deleted. We just downloaded the firmware update and it's 42.7MB, and on that same page there is a 10MB software update as well.

It's about time. We'll load up the update and let you know how it goes. We're just hoping this will do something to cure the slow performance, lockups, Bluetooth problems, video and audio skipping and all the dozens of other issues we've run into while using this unfortunate release from Motorola and Verizon.


Motorola Q Firmware and Software Update Page [Motorola, via QUsers]

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