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Just in time for whatever pagan holiday you celebrate, Verizon Wireless has released a special black version of the Motorola Q smartphone. What's so special about it? How about how they jacked the price up by $50 for no real reason, which reminds me of the color premium that Apple has on its black MacBook. There's no changes under the hood of this QWERTY smartphone, so if paying extra for a mere color change is your thing, then you're in for a treat. It is, however, rumored to be shipping with the Q's second software update, but users of the regular, silver Q should be able to get their hands on that soon enough.


For those keeping score, the Motorola Q is Verizon's consumer-oriented smartphone, along the lines of the T-Mobile Dash by HTC and the Cingular BlackJack by Samsung. While most people would say the Dash is the best of this bunch, Verzion users should be used to the "take what you can get" scenario. There's no color premium on the LG Chocolate, so Lord knows why Verizon decided to implement one this time. Oh, right, they're greedy.

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