Motorola Q Reviewed (Verdict: Excellent)

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PC Magazine got its hands on a Motorola Q smartphone, and already posted a review, saying it's an excellent phone, great for e-mail and Web surfing, very thin, and is easy to use with one hand. The review even praises the voice quality of the smartphone, calling it the best Verizon phone they've tested. The PC Mag reviewer also liked the Q's ability to transmit stereo music over Bluetooth.

However, all was not sweetness and light, where a few bugs were mentioned including music skipping while multitasking and stuttering video. And then, well, there's that expensive Verizon service plan were the cheapest tariff available is $79.95, which the reviewer thinks will keep the phone from "sweeping America." The reviewer also decried the lack of WiFi, but mentioned that it could be forthcoming via a miniSD card.

In the end, the reviewer still gives the nod to the Palm-based Treo 700p, where it retained the magazine's Editors Choice designation, an honor not bestowed upon the Motorola Q, even though the reviewer called it "an excellent machine and a terrific choice."


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