Motorola ROKR E2 Much Better Than Its Brother

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Motorola unveiled the ROKR E2 cellphone at CES and it's got the much-needed improvements that could make it a great phone. First and foremost, hell froze over and Motorola didn't use that horrible old interface. The company instead went with its new Linux-based system which is a lot nicer, easier to use, and runs great software like Opera and an e-mail client. (Moto will be bringing Linux into most of its handsets over the next year.) A dedicated music button on the E2 brings up a nice music player that can display album art on its 262k color, 320x240 screen. Your music isn't limited to 100 songs anymore because you'll be using your own SD cards along with the ROKR E2 to expand your listening library. Motorola also realized that some of us own decent headphones so the headphone jack is standard-sized. E2 also features controls on the side for your music so it's easier to skip tracks and pause tunes. The camera is now 1.3MP with flash and does video with suprisingly decent quality. If the original ROKR pissed you off and made you sad, give the E2 a shot. It's a huge improvement that should not be overlooked.

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