Motorola S805 Bluetooth Headphones Hands-On, First Look

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The Motorola Bluetooth DJ Headphones S805 is, as the name suggests, a pair of bluetooth headphones that's compatible with devices like cellphones. I've briefly played around with it and can say that it works well. I'm not too sold on how great they sound, but, then again, I'm used to slightly more fancy headphones. Read on for more impressions.

The S805 need to be charged for about three hours before you can even think about using it, which pretty much ruined my evening. Once she's all charged up, it's just a matter of holding the phone icon button to put the it into bluetooth pairing mode. I've been using the LG Chocolate to test out the headphones, and pairing the two was simple enough. Just navigate through the cellphone's appropriate menus (this varies from cellphone to cellphone, obviously) and enter four zeros as the password, and the two are happily married.


Now, the Chocolate is pegged as a music phone, so I first tested how the S805 played music. With my trance blaring, the S805 sounded pretty good, though I wouldn't exactly call it amazing; it gets the job done. (Once you leave the rated 30-foot range, the sound just cuts out, that is, there's no static or anything like that.) There were no weird hiccups at all to report, however, and the headphones are quite comfortable, with lots of foam to cushion your sensitive ears.


As far as making calls go, the S805, again, does an admirable job. The microphone is built into the right ear piece and, according to a friend whom I called, my voice sounded A-OK. You can elect to make calls through the phone proper, or have the S805 take over voice-activated calling duties. Either way, you'll be able to chat with your amigos quite easily.

Enough words, bring on the pictures!


Expect to see the Motorola Bluetooth DJ Headphones S805 in stores soon, especially since they were originally supposed to be released in the first half of this year, for around $130.

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