Motorola Spites Google, Promises Multitouch For All

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Google may not be too interested in giving their US market native app multitouch in the Nexus One, but Motorola aims to please, with CEO Sanjay Jha promising to "deliver multitouch in the majority of our devices."

Going on, he told Laptop Mag "There's a complex set of factors, not all of them technical," which makes us wonder is he's referring to Google's thoughts on multitouch Androids. Google's motto may be "don't be evil," but giving European Nexus One owners native multitouch and ignoring other countries is frankly baffling. [Laptop Mag via Phone Arena via Engadget]

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How does this spite Google? Google has been saying from the beginning that manufacturers are more than welcome to add multitouch onto the phones they release.

I'm guessing that it's easier for a manufacturer like Motorola, Palm, or HTC to get away with using multitouch without facing the wrath of Apple. Google, however, seems to be Apple's biggest enemy these days and they have a lot more to fear.