Motorola Zante Looks Even Shinier than You Know Who, Also Runs on EDGE

Click to viewHere's the Zante, up close and lustrously yours. Today we got plenty of fresh technical information about this Motorola-flavored Sidekick plus two new pretty pics. One of them above, the other after the jump, showing its funky purple sliding keyboard. After seeing it, I want to lick it.

The Zante, or Motorola Q900, will probably come out in October complete with full multimedia playback support, Java, game controllers and the obligatory Danger OS. Even while it is as gleaming and shares the same EDGE connectivity (this time by T-Mobile), it doesn't seem to compete with the JesusPhone, including only 128MB of internal Flash RAM. Its only expansion slot just can handle MiniSD cards up to 2GB.


According to our tipster, Motorola and T-Mobile are aiming at 5.9 hours of talk time and a $269 average selling price tag, which sounds great for a cellphone with all these features.

[Thanks Advent]


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