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Mouseblisters Counteract Your Sweaty Palms

Illustration for article titled Mouseblisters Counteract Your Sweaty Palms

So mind-bogglingly complex that it took over a year to develop—little rubber chunks called Mouseblisters give sweaty palms better mouse gripping capability. Apparently, this will help reduce RSI and tendonitis symptoms.


It also helps to modify the size of your mouse—something that can make things more comfortable if you have big hands. Oh, and if this product wasn't already ridiculous enough, I should warn you that it is officially in "beta mode." Beware! The awesome technology behind this product may contain a few bugs! Seriously, if there is a better example of the growing absurdity of beta culture I have not seen it. [Mouse Blister via Slashgear via Gear Diary]

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the neat freak in me thinks this will make the mouse even more unsanitary. think of allthe crumbs and gunk that could get stuck between those little nubbies.

also, could someone invent a mouse with a wheel that also went horizontal? left-right scrolling! some of us need to scroll on spreadsheets and somtimes getting to the X column is a bear. just askin.