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MoviePass Rival Sinemia Rolls Out a $30 Unlimited Plan

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Sinemia has been encroaching on MoviePass’s territory for months. But now that MoviePass has abandoned its unlimited movie plan, its Turkish rival is adopting a similar model.


Granted, Sinemia’s new unlimited plan is $30—three times more expensive than what MoviePass was charging for unlimited. MoviePass’s $10-plan now only allows users to watch three movies each month.

Under Sinemia’s plan, users can see as many movies as they want, but Imax and 3D films are excluded. The average price of a film is about $9, so the plan would pay for itself for anyone who sees at least three movies a month.


In a public statement, Sinemia CEO Rifat Oguz said the company “spent four years testing and fine-tuning our unlimited tickets model and are confident this is the right price to sustainably offer such a plan.”

The plan will be available in the U.S., UK, Australia, and Canada.

The announcement also said Sinemia’s plan is a “sustainable, reasonable model for seeing movies on an unlimited basis”—which may as well be a jab at MoviePass’s previous unsustainable model.


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“The average price of a film is about $9, so the plan would pay for itself for anyone who sees at least three movies a month.”

Right, but you’d be spending 30 bucks instead of 10 bucks for those first three. You’d have to watch an insane amount of movies at the cinema for Sinemia to make sense, until MoviePass folds (where cost is the only consideration... they both have awful service by all accounts). Additionally even after the first 3, Moviepass gives you a 5 dollar (iirc) rebate on future movies.

By my math, including the discount, you’d need to watch... more than 7 movies per month for Sinemia to make sense. If you have time for that, it’s a good deal, if not... meh.

The funny thing is, pre-moviepass, this would have seemed like a really great deal (especially if they cost more like 15 bucks, like here in San Diego). But it’s hard to put the genie back in the bottle once people get used to something.