Moving Scroll Bar Clock Makes My Inner Web Designer Queasy

Illustration for article titled Moving Scroll Bar Clock Makes My Inner Web Designer Queasy

On the surface, scroll clock looks like a simple visual trick: Look, it's a clock made out of moving scroll bars! This is a marginally clever animation! Then you realize that every one of them actually works.


It's been a looooong time since I've done anything resembling serious web design, so my initial reaction was an iframe-induced panic—what black magic is this, etc—but a quick View Source painted a neat, tidy picture of CSS and Javascript, working together to shatter our basic intuitions about How Things Move, on the internet.

And while it may be a decade late, this is the first truly compelling use for Windows' old Active Desktop feature I've ever seen. This one's for you, inexplicably extant Windows ME users. [Scroll ClockThanks, Marco!]


Platypus Man

Now, you say the scroll bars work, and that's true, but moving them doesn't do anything. I was hoping that each one would represent how far along that number is from changing (if it's 1:30:00, 1's scroll bar would be halfway down, but all the other numbers would be right at the beginning).

Something else I like in this vein — [] (though it only really works well in Chrome or Safari).