MPMan Blade Portable Audio Player: Cue Silly Runway Model Comparisons

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I swear, the number of people that compare the Blade portable MP3 player to dangerously skinny fashion models boggles my mind. Monkey see, monkey do, I suppose. Anyhow, this little guy's biggest draw just so happens to be its small size, measuring 7mm (0.27 in., or 0.01 thicker than the iPod nano) and weighing 7g (0.24 ounces). There's also a dual headphone jack and a 1.5-in. screen. Needless to say, I doubt anyone will be calling this 2GB DAP an iPod killer. (Although, apparently, we call many such DAPs iPod killers.)


There is a bit of trivia behind this player: its manufacturer, MPMan, came out with the very first portable MP3 player way back in 1998. You'd think with such bona fides they could develop something a little more attractive.

mpman [via Shiny Shiny]

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