Mr. Game & Watch Saunters His Way Over to the iPhone

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And we have come full circle: Nintendo puts games into watches, the march of technology replaces watches with cellphones, developer sneaks classic Game & Watch apps onto the iPhone. Rejoice, but make it fast.


The folks of Mobile 1UP have brought five G&W games to the store as separate apps for $2 each: Chef, Fire, Octopus, Helmet and Parachute. Children of the 1980s (or avid Smash Bros. players) will recognize all as classics. The apps actually have release dates scattered over the past few months, but the single-digit number of reviews, and the fact that we're just now hearing about this, makes me believe this was an Apple approval glitch (app release dates often do not match the date of their actual release).

As our friends at Kotaku point out, these are most certainly not officially licensed Nintendo apps, so Game & Watch's days of flipping fish out of the frying pan on your iPhone/iTouch are probably numbered. They're hiding under the "GW" moniker in the store—grab 'em while the grabbin's good. I'm going to go play some Smash Bros. now. [Mobile 1UP - iTunes via Kotaku & Go Nintendo]



Sweet! I loved bouncing the little dudes into the ambulance in "Fire". played that thing to death.