Mr. Harrington's Phone Sends Texts From Hell

Based on a Stephen King story, this new Netflix film will have you afraid to sleep in the same room as your phone.

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The first trailer Mr. Harrigan’s Phone starts off with a jaunty White Stripes song, We’re Going to Be Friends, immediately lulling you into a false sense of security. This is going to be a sweet coming of age story, you think. The weedy looking boy is getting bullied. He seems gentle and kind. He asks his mentor/grandpa stand-in, “Has anyone tried to take advantage of you? How’d you deal with that?” and Mr. Harrington (played by Donald Sutherland) replies “Harshly.”

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone | Official Trailer | Netflix

Talk about an opening trailer! The intensity! The drama! The delivery! Netflix is producing this film, which is not a feel-good Tuesdays with Morrie kind of vibe, but is very much a supernatural horror/thriller. Based on a short story by Stephen King and produced by Blumhouse, I’m totally sure that nothing can go wrong at all in this scenario where a young man begins to receive phone calls and text messages from a dead man.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is directed and written by John Lee Hancock. Other actors include Joe Tippett and Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who probably won’t be playing Death this time.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone will be available to stream on Netflix October 5th, 202

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