Celeb-nudity expert Mr. Skin has been using the HD power of Blu-ray to extract image and video of heretofore-unknown celebrity naughty bits. This is one of those revelations that really makes you appreciate living in 2009.

Mr. Skin has mentioned this new ability before the expose in the current issue of The New Yorker, including in an episode of Doug Benson's fantastic podcast, I Love Movies. Basically, the higher resolution makes what was once a blur visible. In Fleshbot's words:

Where once there was but a dark shadow, now we're presented with bush (or at least more boobage). Where...no, actually, that's pretty much the end of the story.

We certainly hope Mr. Skin is getting a kickback from Sony for all the Blu-ray promotion. His love of the format has certainly gotten me more interested in this wondrous bush-revealing technology. [Fleshbot]

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