Mr. Skin's Gadget Guide for the Nip Slip Aficionado

Mr. Skin, champion of celebrity nudity and high-def video alike, put together a gadget gift guide with that site's readers in mind. It's kind of funny, kind of creepy and oddly professional, all at the same time.

The guide includes pocket camcorders, webcams, zoom lenses, DVRs and Blu-ray players, all positioned as somehow related to capturing and enjoying artful nudity. A lot of the Mr. Skin guide overlaps with our own, and we actually disagree with some of his picks (like choosing the oft-impressive but unreliable Kodak Zi8 as the pocket camcorder of choice), but all in all it's a pretty solid guide for...well, you know who you are. [Mr. Skin—Not Safe for Work!]


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