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MSI's New All-in-One Is the Multitouch iMac for Windows Fans

Illustration for article titled MSIs New All-in-One Is the Multitouch iMac for Windows Fans

Let's face it, Apple's computers are gorgeous. Not many manufacturer's can match them on design, but this new MSI All-in-One looks like it came from the chopping block of Jony Ive's design desk.


The Wind Top AE2410 has some nice muscle to match its beauty too. It sports USB 3.0 with MSI's Super Charger technology, which speeds up USB charging y 40 percent and even charges your devices when the computer is off. Optional Nvidia GeForce GT540M (Intel HD 3000 is default), 4 GB DDR3 and a 1TB HDD round out its package.

Unlike the iMac, the Wind Top sports a 23.6-inch multitouch LCD and comes pre-loaded with MSI's multi-touch apps (media browsing, news, weather). Unfortunately, MSI hasn't announced pricing or availability yet, but it probably won't include any "MSI tax." [MSI via Maximum PC]

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