Fix Your iMac By Adding Four USB Ports To the Front Where They Should Be

For every ten steps forward that Apple's designers make in terms of improved usability for the company's products, they still always manage to take a couple steps back. The world may never fully know why the USB ports are hidden away out-of-reach on the back of an iMac, but companies like Satechi are working hard to remedy that problem with products like this front-facing clamp-on hub.


It's a simple $28 solution to an annoying problem, and while Apple purists will probably turn their noses up at the thought of this accessory marring the clean aesthetics of their desktop computer, the rest of us will be happy to have USB ports in easy reach again. The clamp actually works on any all-in-one PC or desktop display that's less than an inch thick, but its brushed aluminum finish is designed to complement Apple's own hardware. [Satechi]

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