Multi-Screwdriver Looks Painful if Used Improperly

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Screwdrivers with multiple changeable heads are nothing new, but this Multi Screwdriver tops all those by expanding out like an octopus. This makes it both easy to see which tip you want and easy to poke your eye out eight different ways.


And to make sure you can see what you're doing, there's an added light on the end as well, which is probably the only reason why you'd buy this over regular multi-headed screwdrivers. Unless you just really love extending out the bits and shouting "I'm Doctor Octopus!!" in a really high-pitched voice.

Product Page [Ideatopic via Nexus404 via Sci Fi]

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I have one of these (though under the charmingly engrish moniker "Mr. Seven Hands") and I'd give it a solid "B". The bits are nice, as is the handle—the problem is where they connect. The thing is, the metal "hinges" are not one piece with the driver bits. It's GREAT for lite work, but any remotely serious torque will snap the plastic that connects the two.

So, if you only use it for PC repairs, taking toys apart, etc (NO prying with the flats!), it's pretty fantastic. The bits are very sturdy and won't strip, the light it good, and the handle is very comfortable. Just, you know, the whole breaking plastic thing...