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Apparently built for wire-a-phobes, the Multipot Table Lamp and Charger is a shiny and expensive device that hides that rat's nest of charging cables you've been accumulating and functions as a charging station for your cellphone at the same time. Available in white, black, shiny chrome (pictured here) or amber, it has a little LED night light inside that glows from within its hive-like layers. Inside are five outlets where you can plug in your chargers.

Maybe its generously-sized tray on top is a good place to set your keys along with devices that are being charged, with their unsightly wires going through a opening leading to all of those wall warts and cables stored below and out of sight. Its energy-sipping LED light only eats up 4.2 watts of power, so you might leave it on and use it as a shiny flowerpot-shaped night light. Weird. If it didn't cost $175 (and that's on sale) it might be a slightly useful object.


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