Mystery Motorola Android Prototype Spied In Brazil

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Our colegas at Gizmodo Brazil got themselves a nice little get: A previously unseen Motorola Android prototype, which was apparently shown to employees of the company last week. So, what is this thing?

Advertisement editor Pedro accurately describes it as a sort of keyboardless version of the Backflip we saw at CES. The front styling is a bit more garish than the Backflip's, but the size, general aesthetic, Android build (1.5) and software skin (Motoblur) all fit the Backflip/CLIQ mold. UPDATE: And given the familiar rear styling, we may have a (code)name: The Zeppelin. It's apparently hitting Brazilian streets within a month—still no word on a US release.

The more pressing question is whether or not we'll ever see this phone. Motorola's now pumping Motoblur'd handsets out through two—count 'em—major US carriers, and as a presumed budget piece, it'd fit nicely in either Verizon or AT&T's product lines, if they'd have it. But stateside, we've got nothing—that the first pics of this prototype device showed up in one of its potential markets, as opposed to its place of manufacture, and that this market is nowhere near the US, means Motorola's latest may never pass through immigration. Or maybe it will! My breath, it is bated.

Full gallery and (Portuguese) writeup at [Giz Brazil]



And there was me thinking Moto had kicked the bucket. I thought they would never get it back after the Razr series, but, they have proved me wrong.

I still won't ever buy one though, I've had more than my fair share of awful Moto phones.