Naneu Pro Echo Messenger/Camera Bag Hands-On

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Naneu's pretty good at making bags for all occasions as seen by their huge selection on their website. Their Naneu Pro u120 bag was pretty great, and we can say their Echo bag is definitely good as well.

Designed for camera users—both DSLR and point and shoot—the Echo has lots of compartments to hold lenses, flash units and bodies. The top of the bag has space for other stuff too, like cellphones and iPods. Whatever you use it for, the ample cushioning on the top and bottom compartments make sure all your gear will get to wherever you're going safely.


Also, if you're not big on cameras, you can use this bag for storing other electronics as well. Cellphones, PDAs, music players, battery chargers, card readers, CDs, headphones and other small-ish items can all fit in the pockets. And if you're going out for a picnic, the compartments on the bottom can keep your cokes, sandwiches, condiments and desserts separate and intact. Not to mention delicious.


The strap goes over the shoulder like a messenger bag—diagonally across your chest. You could carry it on one shoulder like a backpack, but the way that it's shaped makes this kind of clumsy. Across is definitely the way to go if you want to maximize comfort. Also, the bag isn't big enough to fit a laptop, so you're out of luck if you're looking to use this as a computer bag. But DSLR owners and food lovers will definitely find a use for the Echo.

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