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A Nightmare Comes to Life in This Eerie Clip From Nanny

After a theatrical run, Nikyatu Jusu's folk-horror tale arrives on Prime Video this week.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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If you missed Nanny during its theatrical run, here’s another chance to catch Nikyatu Jusu’s haunting tale of an immigrant mother struggling with the tough but necessary choices she’s had to make in her life. The first horror movie to win Sundance’s coveted Grand Jury Prize arrives on Prime Video this week, and io9 has an eerie clip to share today.

In the clip, we see Aisha (Us’ Anna Diop) having an uneasy night in the home where she works as a nanny. She doesn’t live there full-time, but as the movie progresses, she’s more and more frequently pressed into sleeping over when the affluent, frequently bickering couple who employ her need her to work overtime watching their young daughter. That’s stressful enough, but as you can see from this scene, the stress is causing major cracks in her psyche—and it’s not all in her imagination.

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Exclusive Clip: NYC-set Folk-Horror Tale Nanny

Black mold going unnoticed in a fancy Manhattan apartment? Just one way that Jusu uses atmospheric production design and subtle but effective symbolism to enhance Aisha’s emotionally complex story. As you can tell even from that brief scene, Nanny is full of nerve-jangling dread—it’s an excellent film elevated by Diop’s performance, and is well worth checking out.


Nanny hits Prime Video on Friday, December 16.

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