Nano Lawsuit Goes Global

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By now, I'm sure everyone has heard about the lawsuit against Apple for the easy-to-scratch-up Nano Nano Class Action Lawsuit - It SKWATCHES Too Much! but now it ain't just the good ole' US of A leveling these malicious rumours. Looks like Nano buyers from the UK and Mexico have put their two cents in and are also suing Apple over the defective screens, which the company claimed was just in

a small batch of Nanos, but denied that it was more likely to scratch than other iPods.


Sounds good, but the international complaints seem to point to a further problem.

"Apple's iPod Nano has sold in record numbers around the world, just as it did in the US," said Steve Berman, lead lawyer on both cases.
"The far-reaching response also reveals that this is not just a small problem or a bad batch of Nanos, but a defect in the overall design that should have been rectified prior to the release," he said.


Way to get your name in the news twice Berman! Per usual, no comment from Apple on the litigation. They're busy suing bloggers.

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