Narrative Is A Lifelogging Camera That's Finally Happening

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In March we covered Memoto, a lifelogging camera that takes two photos a minute while you're wearing it. It was in the preorder stage then and with $500,000 more than expected from its November Kickstarter, it had an ambitious April shipping timeframe. Which obviously didn't happen. BUT now it's actually going to ship on November 1st. For real this time.

Memoto had to rebrand because Motorola went after it for the whole "moto" thing. So now the company is called Narrative, and the camera is the Narrative Clip. Narrative got a not-insignificant $3 million boost from True Ventures, a venture capital firm that also invests in startups like MakerBot and Fitbit, and got interested after Narrative's super successful Kickstarter.

Each Narrative Clip has an accelerometer for tap inputs, a battery indicator, USB for charging, GPS (which was apparently difficult to fit in the space) and, of course, a camera. The price has held at $279, which seems pretty steep, but maybe it's worth it to literally document every meal you eat. [AllThingsD]

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Do I really need that many pictures of my computer screen with porn on it?