NASA Releases Restored Moon Landing Footage

NASA has been working with Lowry Digital in Burbank to restore all of the original tapes from the July 20, 1969 moonwalk, and they just released the first clips of it.


They're planning to complete the whole thing this fall, but they're showing off some of the more iconic moments now, such as the first steps on the moon.

The restoration doesn't bring the quality up to HD or anything, but it's a definite improvement over the video we've been used to seeing for the last 40 years.

[Boing Boing Gadgets]



Correction Adam, I just heard an interview by the guy who designed the camera that is still on the moon. Apparently that camera was designed to output a higher resolution than the standard transmission of the day, and that video was recorded in its raw format. What we see here is their attempt to clean up what was ultimately the converted signal from the higher resolution feed to the lower one. You add to that the crappy means of recording crappy down converted signal and its crap on top of crap. They were actually going to use the original tapes to make an almost perfect copy if it were not for the fact that NASA needed the magnetic tape stock in the 80's and recorded over the original tapes! How would you like to be the guy who did that! "Hay, this tape? It's of the Moon landing, you REALLY want me to record some crappy SAT data onto it? -Yea, who cares anyway about some crappy Lunar landing in black and white on some old magnetic tape! probably won't even have the technology to play it back in the year 2000 when we are on missions to Mars and all!" Damn short sighted!