NASA's Latest Astronaut Is Pretty Good With A Camera

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During Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield’s tenure on the International Space Station, he became the space-geek heartthrob, mostly thanks to his extensive series of YouTube insights into life on the ISS (plus the ‘stache, of course). The newest occupants of the ISS have some big moon boots to fill, but they’re starting out the right way.


Commander Scott Kelly launched a little over a week ago for a year-long mission on the ISS. Rather than just spending the time idly floating around the Earth and admiring the view (and, y’know, doing some astronauting on the side), he’s committed to documenting the process as #YearInSpace on his Twitter page.

But this isn’t just a bad social media campaign to increase #awareness and #engagement — Kelly is posting some truly fantastic photos along the way. He’s only been on board for a week or so, but the jetlag (do you get jetlag in space?) hasn’t stopped him putting up stuff like this:

Or this:

Or celebrating Easter in space, for that matter.


If this is an indication of what to expect for the next 12 months, we could be in for a good ride. I wonder what his singing voice is like.

Image credit: Scott Kelly



Zelda did it!

Not to sound like a pessimist, but what is so special about those shots? They look out a window and get a view of planet earth, of course the photos are awesome? And of course they brought the best of the best equipment with them, not just some simple Point&Shoot.

Honestly, the thing that makes those photos really good is that it’s a view none of us will ever be able to enjoy, the pictures itself aren’t very special.