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National Geographic Just Cast the Perfect Actor As Albert Einstein

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Few scientists are as iconic, important or recognizable as Albert Einstein. So it makes perfect sense that he’ll be the focus of Genius, the first scripted series on the National Geographic Channel. Now, the team behind it, including producer Ron Howard, have found the perfect actor to play the role: Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush.

You don’t get much better than that. Rush will be joined by actor Johnny Flynn (Brotherhood) as the young Einstein (not this one, very very unfortunately) as the first season of the show will dive deep into the life of the famous scientist. The idea of Genius is for each season to tell the story one famous “Genius” and Einstein is first. Subsequent seasons would focus on different people, anthology style.


“I look forward to National Geographic’s support as we tell this ambitious but intimate and revealing human story behind Einstein’s scientific brilliance,” said Howard. “I hope that his story, as well as those of other geniuses, will both entertain and inspire the next generation of Einsteins.”

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