NeatDesk to Eliminate Paper from Your Life, Maybe

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I loved the promise of the paperless office back in the 90s. It never happened. Paper only increased around me. But I came with an easy and cool solution to classify receipts, cards, and random paper: Trash everything. If I only had NeatDesk.

I like this thing. It's probably because of the 2001: Space Odyssey retro look. Or the fact that this $400 Automatic Document Feeder for PC and Mac takes the hassle out of scanning and cropping documents by having slots for each kind of most common and annoying paper bits—namely business cards, receipts, and invoices.

Or maybe it's just that the procrastinator in me loves the idea of putting a whole lot of old receipts, business cards, and invoices all at once, and have the NeatDesk handle everything, creating address books, making searchable PDFs, and adding information to Quicken, Excel, or Quickbooks. Uncrate says that the automatic organization actually works "surprisingly well" and now I would like an excuse to try it.


But then again, I think I will stick to my previous method. It works great. [Uncrate]