NEC Goes Hello Kitty on us with LaVie G Laptop

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I have encircled my right wrist with thumb and forefinger of my left hand and am chanting, "Calm. Calm. Calm." However, it is not working. I am not calm. I am SHINING with angry pink Swarovski fury. Oh, yes. Someone needs to put a fatwah on Sanrio Corp. Please. I will pay them. Here. I've got a couple of shirt buttons, some pocket fluff, a card with the hotline number for my local nuthouse's Rapid Response team and a piece of Orbit gum. Anyone?

You probably can't hear anything save the sweet sound of hyperventilation (that's me in the corner, backed up as far away as I can from the charms of Biff and Petey, said Rapid Responders) but as they try and pin me down with a butterfly net and a trank dart, I'll give you a closer shot at it and the price...


$1640. Thump.

PC which treats Hello the Kitty of NEC and the Crystal Glass [PC Watch through Google Translate]