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NEC introduced its Generation laptop for the education market, but it looks like it's aimed at somebody who lives in a really bad neighborhood. It's loaded with security measures that are so extensive they border on paranoia. First, the notebook is password-protected and login is done with via a hardware fingerprint security chip, great for schoolkids because they won't have to remember a password. There's an NEC security control panel, which allows administrators to disable USB or optical drives, keeping that unauthorized software out of the picture. Is also has a Kensington lock slot, a Stoptrack anti-theft label and Webtrack geographical tracking software. Of course, the thing is loaded with antivirus protection and to top it all off, it's covered by three years of antitheft insurance. Just reading this feature list make you wonder exactly what awful thing happened to this notebook's designer. Pricing starts at $1138.

NEC Secure Educational Laptop [Bios Magazine]

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