Need Tech Support? Call Snowden

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While in exile in Russia, Edward Snowden has been kind enough to offer some fellow Twitter users with the tech support they so desperately need. Or at least, he’ll give you a hand if you have a significant online presence.

For example, CUNY Journalism professor and techfluencer Jeff Jarvis—not to be confused with the parody Twitter account, @ProfJeffJarviss—had a technological inquiry for the NSA whistleblower. The Jarv was wondering how long it’d take to “dedupe” (or remove duplicate entries) from Clinton’s 650,000 emails after Trump said in a campaign speech, “You can’t review 650,000 emails in eight days.”


*ring ring* “Hacker tech support, this is Edward speaking. How may I help you today sir?”

Of course, not all of us are self-important media professor who expect transparency activists in exile to answer basic questions. But if you have a real question for Snowden but lack internet notoriety, Gizmodo is providing you the opportunity to ask Snowden whatever you want at an event on November 15 in San Francisco.


I’ll start: sometimes my iPhone just randomly dies when it’s at like 25%. What’s up with that?


[H/T Rusty Foster]

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