Sure, he might have a head big enough to thwack against every single blast door in the Death Star, but for a faceless soldier in the massive army of a ruthless empire, this lil' Stormie is just so darn cute. What Rebel Scum wouldn't stop if they were cornered by this chap?

Good Smile Company were present in full force at Wonder Festival 2015 this past weekend, bringing a plethora of new figures with them, entrants in their Figma line as well as more of their adorable chibi Nenodroid figures. There were plenty new figures on display from a variety of franchises, but the cutest of them all had to be this Stormtrooper, which I believe is the first Star Wars character in the Nenodroid line:


Just look at the little guy! Ugh, everything about him is adorable. Although he won't have Good Smile's usual array of different facial expressions as accessories, presumably the Stormtrooper will come with a few extra bits and bobs to pose him with, as all Nenodroids tend to have.

Good Smile didn't have a release date for the trooper available, but he looks like he might be on the way soon, considering he wasn't shown as a prototype - expect him to set you back around 3-4,000 yen (roughly $30) whenever he comes to oppress your heart in the name of the Emperor.

[via Tomopop, body image via OhnoRaptors]

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