Nerd Out With This Command-Line Interface for Soundcloud

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Soundcloud is the best things that's ever happened to music on the internet. So it's a blast to see how people are using the platform to build fun, new things—like this command-line interface for internet radio. basically makes Soundcloud look just like Terminal or any other command-line interface. You can just type "play random" to hear a completely random mix of music.


Or you can find the whole list of genres by typing in "genres," and play songs from them by using a command like "play disco."

"Help" will show you a whole list of commands. You can even play games!

Advertisement is not for someone who's looking for anything specific. It is a very internet radio kind of experience. However, it's perfect who just want to hear music without having to fiddle with a fancy interface or litany of share buttons.


It's also just fun. You can always go back to the regular Soundcloud if you want to surf around and make playlists and tweet stuff. Or you can listen to minimal techno on a minimal interface an enjoy the simplicity. [ via Laughing Squid]

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