Nerf's Double-Barreled Rhino-Fire Blaster Guarantees Office Supremacy

Although they're still designed with kids in mind, who among us doesn't have a Nerf blaster tucked away in a desk drawer, or hidden inside a carved out phone book? Office warfare can flare up in a heartbeat, but with Nerf's recently leaked N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire blaster at your disposal, you've already won the battle before it started.

Powered by six D-sized batteries—which should give it some nice heft—the Rhino-Fire features double barrels that are each fed by their own ammo drums putting 50 rapid-fire darts at your disposal. It boasts a range of 90-feet, and if you find it too heavy to carry around, it includes a folding tripod for extra stability.


Exact availability is still unknown, but the N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire blaster should be available sometime this fall for about $100, so while you're working on your year-end financials, make sure to budget accordingly. [Blaster Labs]

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