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Nervous About Presentations? A Stabilized Laser Pointer Will Hide It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If an upcoming PowerPoint presentation has the potential to make or break your career, the last thing you want is to look nervous and unconfident in front of your co-workers. A new Kickstarter project promises to help you hide your nerves with a stabilized laser pointer that projects a steady red dot so you look cool, calm, and collected—even if you’re really not.

Like a stabilized sensor in a digital camera that helps prevent blurry images when shooting with longer exposures, the SteadyLaser’s emitter is mounted to a balanced two-axis gimbal so it moves independently from the rest of the housing. So even if your hand is shaking or has a mild tremor while pointing at a screen, the projected red dot will remain smooth and steady.


The SteadyLaser also includes a regular unstabilized red laser pointer built-in which makes it easy to do side-by-side comparisons of why it was worth spending $150 on one. Yeah, that’s right, the creators of the SteadyLaser are asking $150 for each unit as they attempt to raise $150,000 via Kickstarter to put it into production. Given red laser pointers can be easily purchased online for just a couple of bucks these days, that’s a lot of money to spend.


But if it means the difference between looking confident about the business plan you’re presenting, or causing an audience full of investors to doubt your numbers and claims, the SteadyLaser might be one of those purchases that pays for itself in the long run. [Kickstarter - SteadyLaser via OddityMall]