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Netgear Digital Entertainer Elite: HTPC In a Set Top Box

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Compliments of the FCC, we're getting an early look at Netgear's beefy yet practical response to the typical home theater PC.

The Netgear Digital Entertainer Elite, expected to be officially announced at CES, is a set top box that may lack a tuner but happens to stream every format you could want at encoding rates up to 40Mbps (Blu-ray territory) over ethernet or its integrated Wireless-N adapter.


Playing 1080P video over HDMI, plus packing component, optical and SCART outputs, the Digital Entertainer can also be expanded to move beyond streaming with any 3.5-inch internal SATA drive you like.


The catch, of course, could be the price. But we probably won't know about that point for another month. Until then, we'll admit that our interest is piqued. What would you pay for this sleek HTPC light? [FCC via DVICE]